The first NFT Marketplace for Instagram

NFT Marketplace for Instagram

Everlens provides a platform to every content creator who wishes to sell instagram posts.

Distribute your content

Control the way you want to distribute your art.

Monetize your content

Monetize your posts and focus on the quality of your content instead of ads.

Engage your community

Engage your community to a whole new level.


Support your favorite content creators and own one of their works.


Collect and Invest in promising Instagram posts. 







  • Testing Beta version with content creators.
  • Incorporating feedback for the V1. 
  • Mobile App Development (iOS & Android).
  • IDO, ELEN Token Distribution.



  • Release Everlens V1.
  • Allow people to bid on any instagram posts.
  • Marketing campaign to promote the platform to content creators.
  • Mobile app Beta release.




  • Release mobile app V1.
  • Bond partnerships with popular content creators.
  • Centralized exchange listings.
  • Integration of TikTok API to allow video conversion into NFTs.
  • Solana interoperability.

Core Team

Victor Ravier

Founder and CEO

Sara Hritel

Connector Manager

Omji Pandey


Konstantin Ramazanov


Garnett Gilchrest

Technology Advisor

Frequently asked questions

Don’t hesitate to contact us on Telegram!

How do you create an NFT on Everlens?

The user will have to follow these simple steps:

– Sign-up on the platform using your Instagram account.

– Connect your Metamask wallet to Everlens.

– Once you get on the home page, click on Create.

– Choose a post from your instagram account.

– Set a title, description, and minimum bid and click on create a post.

Your picture will be automatically converted into an NFT instantly available on the marketplace.

How do you buy an Instagram post?

– Sign-up on Everlens using your email or instagram account.
– Connect your Metamask wallet to Everlens.
– Once you get on the home page select the post you want to buy and place a bid.
– If you successfully placed the highest bid you will become the owner of the Instagram post.

What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token is a unique and irreplaceable asset. Bitcoin is considered fungible because each coin is indistinguishable from the rest. The Mona Lisa, however, is not fungible because there’s only one in existence. If you traded Mona Lisa for something else (money, paintings, etc.) you would never get the exact same thing in return.

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